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Frequently Asked Questions

Which websites are legitimate for finding auditions in this area?2019-04-10T04:39:18+00:00

There are a few casting websites to help you find auditions and casting calls. The largest and most legitimate website for this area is You pay a monthly fee in order to see castings once you sign up. Another more localized website is called This website allows you to view listings for free but you can only apply for castings after you sign up for a monthly subscription. There are a variety of other resources including facebook groups which you can view here.

I’m an actor. Are there any film classes in the Greater Sac Area?2019-03-12T23:13:47+00:00

Yes, there are a variety of film classes and teachers. Click here to see our class directory for adults and youth.

Are there any film classes in the Sacramento area?2019-04-10T04:43:55+00:00

Click here to see the comprehensive list of classes in the Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Are there any talent agencies in Sacramento?2019-04-10T04:31:39+00:00

Yes, there are two talent agencies in Sacramento.
Cast Images Agency
KIT International