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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to get into voice acting. Where is a good place to start?2020-01-16T05:50:04+00:00

Voice acting is one of the most accessible industry to get into, however, one of the hardest to get work in. You’re in global competition. With that said, anyone with a mic and some basic equipment can get access to auditions. Okay, so you’re still interested? Let’s start local. One of local treasure is Ray Nakomoto, one of your finest voice acting coaches in our city. That’s a good start. Click here for more info about Ray Nakomoto and other voice acting resources.

Are there flights from Stockton to Los Angeles?2020-01-11T18:31:21+00:00

Yes, flights from Stockton to Los Angeles are offered starting Summer 2019. Click here for more info.

I’m interested in learning more about our acting community in and around Sacramento. Where can I find more info about this?2020-01-11T18:16:35+00:00

Well, you’re in the right place! We have a small but strong film acting community. However, there’s a lot of opportunities to get your feet wet in this region. Of course, we’re no Los Angeles but we have plenty of opportunities to get started. Click here for a brief summary of the many acting opportunities in our region. 

Can you recommend a headshot photographer?2020-01-11T18:17:00+00:00

Due to the competitive nature of this business, we can’t recommend this at this time. However, we would like to stress that headshots are supremely important and valuable. We caution against paying for mediocre headshots. If you want the best opportunities to come your way, why not pay for legitimate headshots from a specialized headshot photographer? There are a lot photographers in our area. But headshots photographers are less common. Check their work thoroughly and find a headshot photographers that will capture your type and essence.

Here is a helpful article:

Headshots: Everything You Need to Know

Which websites are legitimate for finding auditions in this area?2020-01-11T18:18:37+00:00

There are a few casting websites to help you find auditions and casting calls. The largest and most legitimate website for this area is You pay a monthly fee in order to see castings once you sign up. Another more localized website is called This website allows you to view listings for free but you can only apply for castings after you sign up for a monthly subscription. There are a variety of other resources including facebook groups which you can view here.

Where can I find a list of SAG franchised talent agents?2020-01-11T18:18:50+00:00

Yes, you can find the list of franchised talent agents on the SAG-AFTRA website listed here. Input your locale and find the agents in the Sacramento or San Francisco area. Note that most agents in Northern California are in the San Francisco area.

I’m an actor. Are there any film classes in the Greater Sac Area?2020-01-11T18:31:36+00:00

Yes, there are a variety of film classes and teachers. Click here to see our class directory for adults and youth.

Are there any film classes in the Sacramento area?2020-01-11T18:19:20+00:00

Click here to see the comprehensive list of classes in the Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Are there any talent agencies in Sacramento?2020-01-11T18:20:03+00:00

Yes, there are two talent agencies in Sacramento.
Cast Images Agency
KIT International